Friday, January 29, 2016

A New Chapter

So... What is this blog all about...?

Life. My life in particular, which involves a husband of 26 years, a Daughter (almost) 22 years old, currently two dogs. One Australian Shepherd female, 7yrs old... Freyja. One Great Pyrenees Male, 20 months... Monroe. AND.. The Queen who rules us all, 4 year old Nutmeg, the tabby cat.

I am a creative soul. I rarely sit still for very long and when I do I am usually creating something. I cook, used to garden till we moved to Texas and ended up with the Flintstones soil and an environment the required a blood sacrifice every time you went outside, except in the winter when all the mosquitoes have gone to HELL for the season! IF I could ACTUALLY dig in the soil and NOT have dozens of bites, I would still be gardening. As it stands now, I just kill everything via neglect.

I intend to write about what I do... Cooking, crafting and pets! LOTS of pet stuff is likely! I have been focusing on a natural approach to pet health, nutrition etc over the past few years. If I can find an alternative to using antibiotics for an ear infection (which I have) than I much prefer that!

I am NOT a trained veterinarian, pet nutritionist etc.. I research all of the information I implement into use in our home. I HIGHLY recommend you research before trying anything unknown to you.  I am simply stating here what I try. I do not profess to be an authority. I do think sharing ideas is good and can be helpful for others. Take what you want from here, leave what you don't.

For the past 5 years I have been selling my wears (Jewelry) in a booth at the Gruene Market Days. I enjoyed this a lot and loved all the people I met. BUT, I feel that has run it's course for many reasons and I am moving on to other things.

The first week of March I will be getting a new puppy... An English Cream Golden Retriever...

One of these cute little guys will be headed our way from Iowa. He and I have special plans! I will be training him to be an emotional therapy dog. We will work as a team and visit hospitals, schools, nursing homes etc. I am very excited about this new journey.

It will take a good bit of training, time and focus to get where we need to go, BUT.. that is where we are headed!

I am no longer making jewelry for sale, but I will (hopefully) get what I still have left in inventory photographed and put on my website later this spring. Right now I am on a MAJOR cleaning spree! Clearing out every closet, nook and cranny in this house including the dreaded hoarder garage! I am determined to make a difference and really clear things out! I'm either selling it, giving it to the Goodwill or throwing it away if I don't need it! 

I have been at this task for almost two weeks now and I was OVER it a few days after I started, but I am GOING to finish!!!

You CAN walk down the hall, mostly unencumbered now... I DO still have ALL of my Christmas decorations up, but that will be remedied soon. I'm imperfect and I am TOTALLY OK with that!

Till next time! 

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