Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Subtleties in Natural Labeling

I've been on a mission to get as natural as possible for my family and my critters. It's a process. Layer by layer. You really can't change EVERYTHING overnight. For the critters, they have little choice beyond protesting to eat what they are offered. So far, no protests have been waged. 

I am mindful of what I am giving them and hope they find it all palatable. I figure they will tell me they don't like it by not eating it should that be an issue.

My current issue is with dog shampoo.. seems innocent enough right? I thought if you bought something labeled natural, that is what you were getting. I will admit I didn't even read the label all the closely. I figured a brand known for natural products would be NATURAL...

Here is a link to a great article in Dogs Naturally Magazine about ingredients that SHOULDN'T be in your dog's shampoo. It can be a bit confusing with all the chemical names. I actually just googled some of the ingredients on the shampoos I had since they looked similar, but not exact to the ones on the list. Turns out they were the same types of thing... (This all makes me want to start looking at what I'm slathering on my own head and body!..One step at a time!)

Why does this matter???.. animals, just like people, absorb things through their skin. This is why topical flea treatments are offered. They don't just work on the outside, they are absorbed into the body. I am NOT a fan of these or flea collars or any other chemical flea treatment. Yes, I have used them at times in the past, but only when absolutely necessary and I am taking as much of preventive approach as possible now to hopefully NEVER revisit them again.  (I will do a post on natural flea prevention and what we use soon)

Back to shampoo...

Today I threw out over a half dozen different bottles of dog shampoo.. Several were labeled "natural".. I have ordered a new version online from the website I get my dog/cat food and other supplies from called (LOVE these guys! )

I am hopeful about the shampoo since I have bought dog treats etc. from the same manufacturer and liked what was in them. I did have a hard time finding a list of ingredients for the shampoo, but I think this one checks out well.

I am ordering supplies to make some of my own DIY Dog Shampoo. I'll share that recipe once I get the supplies and take it for a test drive.

I did some research looking for a recipe and found lots of ideas, but most recommended using soaps that contained the same ingredients I was trying to get away from in the so called "natural" dog shampoos. I have to admit once I started looking at ingredients in brands likes Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation, which I always thought were REALLY good, the products started looking a little LESS natural than they'd like you to think they are. I am sure they are a better option than most mass produced brands, but under a magnifying glass things start getting a little blurry.

I'll update later about my homemade shampoo experiment!  I KNOW I have test subjects just DYING to try it out!!!

One last thing about They are awesome! I buy all of my dog food, cat food, kitty litter, treats and "other" items from here. It is shipped FREE.. I have an Auto Ship set up, they email me a week prior to my shipment so I can adjust, delay etc. I change my order EVERY month!!! But I always get free shipping since I am feeding a few critters, I never run out, I don't have to go to the pet store and lug around heavy bags of food, litter etc.. and... Its' CHEAPER!!! Always! Comes to the door in 3-4 days after shipping via Fedex. All I have to do is drag the boxes in the house.

The price on the dog food I get fluctuates a little, but is consistently $10-20 cheaper per bag than PetSmart or Petco! (I do buy BIG bags!) Kitty litter isn't a huge savings, but it comes right to the door and THAT saves me having to go get it!!! Each month seems to be a little different for me, so I love that I can adjust the order and still get the auto-ship discount. This month I ordered PUPPY food!!!! I had to get some of what they are currently feeding the puppies and a bag of what we will be feeding him to transition. I know they will send some with him, but transitioning should be done slowly. This little guy will have a few new things to get used to so I want to move slow with food changes..

That is all for today! Till next time...

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